Who We Are

At R.A.S. CARRIERS we have innovative solutions for our client’s transportation needs. Every business is unique so we ensure that our company is competent in delivering the kind of transportation services that your business needs to be successful. If your business is looking for a transportation solution within the Southeast region, then R.A.S.  is one of the most trusted trucking companies you can turn too.

What We Do

R.A.S. CARRIERS provides dedicated private truckload services with guaranteed capacity to distribute goods within the target locations in a cost efficient delivery solution using our private fleet. Our dedicated truckload transportation services will deliver your goods, products and other items for transport in accordance to your specific instructions. Finally, you can rest assured that your inventory is backed with extensive insurance protection. R.A.S. is a fully insured company

Why We Do It Better

Our trained staff and professional truck drivers are here to handle your cargo safely from the place of loading to the point of delivery. No matter how far your goods will be delivered, you can be assured that our regional and short haul truckload services are reliable and will transport your goods safely throughout the course of its delivery.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

How We Succeed

Our trailers, trucks and equipment are technologically enhanced with emphasis on safety and convenience of use throughout its service duration. We adhere to the highest transportation standards.

R.A.S. CARRIERS is a family owned, fully insured, general freight trucking company based in Atlanta, and Ellerslie Georgia. R.A.S. offers a variety of trucking services to shippers small and large.  From one pallet to multiple trailer loads, R.A.S. will deliver your freight on time and intact.

We are not the largest southeast motor carrier and this is a huge benefit for your company.  R.A.S. is a smaller, American family owned and managed trucking company having the advantage to work more closely with our customers.  When you call R.A.S. you will speak directly to a member of our family dedicated to growing our business and your ability to ship your freight.  You will receive instant notification upon the completion of the delivery of your freight via a personal phone call.  We believe that effective communication is a hallmark of the superior service we strive to deliver each and every day.  Our commitment to communicating with our customers has allowed us to establish long term relationships with our customers.  “We stay with our customers and our customers stay with us!”

Let us take “a load” off your mind.

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